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"Have the Courage of Your Convictions"

With the courage to create our own traditions, and the conviction to remain true to ourselves and our home, Courage & Conviction sets the new standard for American Single Malt whisky, rivaling the finest in the world.

Using the highest quality malted barley and fresh spring water fed from the Blue Ridge Mountains, our spirit was developed to leverage Virginia’s climate, allowing the broad temperature shifts to add depth to our whisky. Hand-hammered copper pot stills crafted in Scotland are used to distill our spirit using time-honored techniques. What makes us a distinctly American whisky, and defines our signature taste, is our unique combination of casks aged in Virginia’s climate. Aging in exceptional casks adds intensity and complexity to the spirit.

The whiskies of Courage & Conviction, developed under the tutelage of Dr. Jim Swan, feature three core cask types:

  • Bourbon casks: These barrels formerly held Kentucky bourbon from well-known distilleries. Aging in American oak bourbon casks add notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, oak, smoke and cinnamon.
  • Sherry casks:  The distillery uses Sherry cask types, including Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez. These casks give the whisky notes of tart cherry, golden raisin, fig, caramelized plum, brown sugar and spice.
  • Cuvée casks:  This innovative barrel is sourced from premium European red wine producers. After the wine is removed, the cask is broken down, the interior shaved, re-toasted and re-charred, and then put back together again. The re-toasting and re-charring of the cask energizes the wood sugars and brings forward barrel spice, bright red fruit and toasted pecan.

The flagship offering of Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky showcases each of these cask types with the target recipe of 50% Bourbon Cask, 25% Sherry Cask and 25% Cuvée Cask. This whisky is bottled in batches with the inaugural release hitting shelves in 2020.

New offerings in 2021 include solo bottlings of each of the core cask types: Courage & Conviction Bourbon Cask, Courage & Conviction Sherry Cask and Courage & Conviction Cuvée Casks.

An Award-Winning American Single Malt Whisky

Since its release in 2020, Courage & Conviction has received numerous awards and accolades from well-known and accredited publications.


Courage & Conviction

Courage & Conviction

Flagship Offering

Inspired by the guiding principles of our founder, to "have the courage of your convictions", our flagship American Single Malt whisky is a combination of our passion for our home in Virginia and our dream to redefine American whisky.

Aged a minimum of three years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in former Sherry, Bourbon and Cuvée wine casks.

Courage & Conviction Bourbon Cask

Courage & Conviction

Bourbon Cask

Aged a minimum of three years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in former Bourbon casks sourced from Kentucky. Aging in Bourbon casks brings forward notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and toffee.

Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask

Courage & Conviction

Cuvée Cask

Aged a minimum of three years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in specialty Cuvée wine casks. The casks originate from premium red wine producers, and the interior is shaved, re-toasted and re-charred before putting spirit into the cask for maturation.

Courage & Conviction Sherry Cask

Courage & Conviction

Sherry Cask

Aged a minimum of three years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in former Spanish Sherry casks. Aging in Sherry casks brings forward notes of cherry, fig, golden raisin and caramelized plum.

Prelude: Courage & Conviction


Courage & Conviction

Released in September 2019 and now sold out, this special edition sneak peek into the Flagship release of Courage & Conviction is made on-site in Virginia, using the influence of the hot summers and cool winters to produce a delicious whisky. 

American Single Malt whisky, made from 100% malted barley and aged a minimum of three years in Sherry, Cuvée and Bourbon Casks, married together for your enjoyment.

Virginia Distillery Co.

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