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Ever wanted to own a cask of whisky?

Our Cask Society program allows you to purchase a cask of our coveted Courage & Conviction. As a Cask Society member, you will also gain instant access to specialty perks as you wait for your whisky to age.

Virginia Distillery Co. Cask Ownership Program


Starting at $9,900 + Tax



Cask Society members will receive an engraved plaque to post on a wall at home, along with a matching copy to be displayed in Virginia Distillery Company’s Cask House. At the completion of the program, you can select to keep the cask or opt for the barrel head. 

In addition, enjoy first access to limited whisky releases from our growing portfolio. Complimentary tour and tasting passes are also included, as well as invites to VIP tastings and annual specialty gifts.

The Process

Our distillery team will fill your cask after program enrollment, and the cask will be personalized with your name and placed in our cask house for aging. 

We then allow your barrel to age, updating you along the way as the whisky develops character and nuance. Finally, after the fourth year, when the whisky says “I’m ready”, we bottle it up. A chance to participate in the bottling of your whisky is also included with membership. 

After bottling, you will coordinate the details with Schneider’s for pick-up (where legal) or shipping. Please note that additional shipping fees may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What delivery options are available at the end of the program?

Schneider’s has made several options available for extended warehousing and shipping. For additional details, please download a copy of the Virginia Distillery Company’s Cask Society Membership Guide

Can I age my whisky for longer than 4 years?

Yes, simply indicate how long you would like your cask to age for during program check-out and the adjusted fees will auto-calculate.

Can I create custom/personalized labels for the bottled whisky?

As your barrel nears the end of the aging process, a Cask Society coordinator will contact you about the bottling process. At this time, you will have several options for customizing your labels. For additional details, please download a copy of the Virginia Distillery Company’s Cask Society Membership Guide

Do i get to keep the cask?

Of course! Your cask will be made available for pick-up from the distillery at the end of the program or we're happy to provide the barrel heads instead of the full cask. 



If you still have questions, a  Cask Society Concierge would be happy to assist you:

(434) 285-2900

Virginia Distillery Co.

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